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reminiscent / напоминающий, вызывающий воспоминания, вспоминающий
имя прилагательное
reminiscent, remindful, redolent
вызывающий воспоминания
evocative, reminiscent, redolent, remindful
reminiscing, recollecting, reminiscent
имя прилагательное
tending to remind one of something.
the sights were reminiscent of my childhood
The title track is even an evocative melody reminiscent of early Portishead.
The quick-fire recording of Curious was reminiscent of the Cake's self-titled debut, recorded in a single day back in 1989.
The hooded poncho he wears during the third act is clearly designed to look as much like a superhero cape as possible, and is reminiscent of DC Comics supernatural hero Spectre.
He still had a thick dirty blonde hair with a style reminiscent of Elvis.
Scenes reminiscent of life under military rule are not simply the outcome of incidental police violence.
Neat, compact, there was something about her vaguely reminiscent of a seal pup.
We were plunged into one of those public-service adverts reminiscent of the early days of Channel 4.
Such wines have a very distinct aroma reminiscent of bananas or kirsch.
The film is composed of a series of tableaux, with scenes reminiscent of detailed paintings.
That would be okay if the character really grabbed you, but this play was uncomfortably reminiscent of having somebody sit down next to you in the metro and tell you their life story.