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reminder / напоминание
имя существительное
reminder, prompt, memento, refresher, remembrancer
имя существительное
a thing that causes someone to remember something.
the watchtower is a reminder of the days when an enemy might appear at any moment
Matt had gone, leaving me with Celeste, a beautiful bittersweet reminder of the love we'd had.
If not, there is the risk of a reminder letter being sent from the Revenue.
They act as a poignant reminder of the tragic incident seven days ago.
The walls remain, a purposeful reminder of the waste of war, and the roofless interior become a sort of peace park for contemplation.
The sound of nearby gunfire interrupts the inspection, a stark reminder of the dangers never far away.
His faced loomed before her, a bittersweet reminder of her past.
Surely the reminder of a danger doesn't favor any one candidate, does it?
one man was threatened with court action for not paying his water rates when he did not receive a reminder
I knew tourists had chipped away souvenirs but I was sure a large chunk of it had to remain as a reminder to the Berliners of their divided past.
Two weeks after sending the manager packets, a follow-up reminder postcard was sent to all managers.