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remind / напоминать
remind, recall, bring to mind, admonish, bring back, take back
cause (someone) to remember someone or something.
he would have forgotten the boy's birthday if you hadn't reminded him
And remind me sometime to write about accessibility of information online.
If you do, your wife will remind you daily for the next six years.
These poles and trees are to remind the heir that it is his obligation to care for the orphans.
I was able to remind myself of these cases by reading the notes on the previous evening.
Healthcare professionals can address the psychological needs by having patients remind themselves daily why they are quitting smoking.
Encourage courtesy by reminding children to say please and thank you to those who serve or help them.
They were all reminded what the real point of the evening was.
With the lambing season now under way dog owners are reminded to keep their dogs under control.
The floor resembled an empty floor of a warehouse, and John was reminded of where he'd woken up the day before.
Both Isabella Rosellini and Marilyn Monroe began as models, she reminds me.