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remembrance / память, воспоминание, сувенир
имя существительное
memory, storage, remembrance, mind, store, recall
memory, recollection, flashback, remembrance, reminiscence, remember
souvenir, memento, favor, relic, remembrance, remembrancer
имя существительное
the action of remembering something.
a flash of understanding or remembrance passed between them
Dubbed ‘The Memorial for Peace’ the building and its contents are a reminder and a remembrance of those thousands who died in the landings on the nearby beaches.
The greatest evildoers are those who don't remember because they have never given thought to the matter, and, without remembrance , nothing can hold them back.
But it is also the generation that has to decide how these memories will be expressed in historical understanding and communal remembrance in the future.
But nostalgia is nothing but remembrance of the past without remembering the pain, which forced us to leave that past behind.
Speeches extolled national unity, imperial loyalty, remembrance of the dead, and the need for young men to volunteer.
the remembrance of her visit came back with startling clarity
The use of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance comes from John McCrae's poem ‘In Flanders Fields.’
Soon, Sam became a fond memory instead of a painful remembrance .
The remaining stones were counted to determine the number of dead, then placed in a great heap in remembrance of those who died in battle.
Funerary practices normally involve a simple ceremony of blessings and remembrance by family members and friends in a chapel or funeral parlor, leading to interment or cremation.