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remember / запомнить, помнить, вспоминать
remember, keep in mind
remember, keep in mind, mind, bear in mind, think, have in mind
remember, recall, recollect, think, reminisce
имя существительное
memory, recollection, flashback, remembrance, reminiscence, remember
have in or be able to bring to one's mind an awareness of (someone or something that one has seen, known, or experienced in the past).
I remember the screech of the horn as the car came toward me
you must remember that this is a secret
I had several teeth out this way and can still remember vividly the smell and the rubber mask.
she can't remember what clothes he wore
remember that you'll have to live with it
You must remember that your asthma may be active and present even when you have no symptoms.
I remember reading that myself and puzzling over how this conclusion had been drawn.
It is important to remember that ice packs must not be continued beyond the first few days as they may not help.
we remember our heroes for their ideals
I remember telling my mother about it
It is important to remember that the focus must be on the child.