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remediation / рекультивация
имя существительное
the action of remedying something, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage.
When they would be filling in their tax forms, they would know, just as we do with medical matters, they are specifically committing to environmental remediation and protection.
The elementary students averaged 1.5 hours a week on the computer, with that time spent either on the Internet or using a CD for instruction/ remediation or to play games.
The zinc smelting plant was shut down by the EPA for environmental violations, and residents report remediation has still not been completed on the heaps of slag that sit next to the town.
Together, these two mechanisms of remediation erase distinctions between the different logical, aesthetic, and formal framework of each communications environment.
The environmental impacts of remediation alternatives will be considered in determining future land use.
It is by such mechanisms of remediation that print has long enjoyed its status as a transparent medium of expression, a status that remains unchallenged well into the twentieth century.
When impairment is identified, students are informed of faculty concerns, and these are addressed through a variety of interventions, including remediation and dismissal.
According to Amundson, the results of remediation varied from each town and local environment.
In some cases, students may work in a library or resource centre without active teacher involvement; in others, students may work apart from the rest of the class using multimedia for enrichment or remediation .
In a few cases there have been increases, but these have been only as necessitated for decommissioning of facilities, remediation of contaminated land and where work has been transferred from one site to the other.
It also means having asset management capabilities that help prioritize remediation based on the most critical assets and having selective restore capabilities to allow for timely recovery of critical assets.