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remaster / переиздание
make a new master of (a recording), typically in order to improve the sound quality.
all the tracks have been remastered from the original tapes
The effort needed to remaster the series thoroughly from original film elements is probably not cost-effective, though.
The label has used the most modern 96kHz, 24-bit technology to remaster recordings that usually sounded pretty good in the first place, and the results are impressive.
Purists will be happy to know the original mono track was remastered into two-channel Dolby Digital mono.
Not only does it include a host of unreleased or hard to find tracks, but it's all been digitally remastered , so it sounds as good as it ever has.
Considering the original source material here is more than three decades old, there was obviously a significant amount of care taken in remastering the picture here.
He recorded this disc in 1965 but it has been remastered well and does not show its age unduly.
The remastering was done in 2 ½ weeks and was met with great praise.
I highly recommend seeing the digitally remastered version at Music Box if you have the chance.
At first, Rhino issued novelty recordings, but over time it began licensing and remastering recordings from other labels.
Paramount has immaculately restored and remastered the original source material, and it shows.