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remarry / вступить в повторный брак
вступить в повторный брак
marry again.
he remarried shortly after his wife's death
He has always stated that he has no wish to remarry .
I don't believe that they were going to remarry .
These will include ways to address the priest shortage, speeding up annulment of marriages, and how to resolve the problem of giving Communion to Catholics who divorce and remarry .
Widowed and divorced women are pressured to remarry or become dependents in a brother's or married son's household.
Canadian women tended to marry young and, if widowed, to remarry quickly, unlike their counterparts in France.
We have reconciled and are probably going to remarry .
The guilty person was not allowed to remarry but the innocent one could get married again.
Rules banning divorced people from remarrying in church were revoked yesterday by the Church of England.
Also, women get only a limited estate, and lose the land on remarriage .
He went on to chalk up a string of convictions including housebreaking and armed robbery, before remarrying and fathering another three children.