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Транскрипция и произношение слова "remark" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

remark / замечание, примечание, наблюдение
имя существительное
comment, remark, observation, note, reprimand, admonition
note, footnote, remark, notation, annotation, comment
observation, supervision, surveillance, watch, notice, remark
speak out, remark, say out, declare oneself, outspeak, disburden one's mind
notice, note, observe, remark, detect, mark
watch, see, observe, oversee, supervise, remark
имя существительное
a written or spoken comment.
I decided to ignore his rude remarks
say something as a comment; mention.
“Tom's looking peaked,” she remarked
regard with attention; notice.
he remarked the man's inflamed eyelids
mark (an examination paper or piece of academic work) again.
Often, they will be willing to re-mark your work, giving you a few much-needed extra percentage points.
имя существительное
an act of marking an examination or piece of academic work again.
And he says a partial re-mark would put the students selected for special treatment at an advantage.
I didn't like her remark
It is worthy of remark that while the sources of naturalism go back a very long way in Western philosophy, it has been especially prominent in philosophy in America.
I interpret her cryptic remark at the end of her chapter as supporting this view.
He was expecting to hear a snide remark in response but got only a satisfied sigh.
the landscape was not worthy of remark
the landscape, familiar since childhood, was not worthy of remark
He was later forced to withdraw the remark in an apology delivered in parliament.
He was more interested in the tall ones off at a bit of a distance, but she passed by without notice or remark .
The equation of ‘extra-hazardous’ and ‘dangerous’ is also worthy of remark .
the house invites remark