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rely / полагаться, надеяться, зависеть
rely, lean, depend, trust, rely on, rely upon
hope, expect, rely, trust, feel hopeful, plan
depend, rely, hinge, turn on
depend on with full trust or confidence.
I know I can rely on your discretion
I know I can rely on your discretion
I know I can rely on your discretion
Yes, I know that it is lovely and thrilling to be relied upon and confided in.
As for memoirs, even if there are any, they cannot always be trusted or relied upon .
It is impossible to grasp them in full by relying on a single, specific example.
They become destitute and homeless, relying on charity for shelter and food.
Banks rely on us being a bit lazy, a bit afraid of change, and a bit ignorant about what is available.
As members of a society, we cope with these complexities and uncertainties by relying on trust.
You would think we would not have to rely upon public assistance to make ends meet.
This is a situation where an ally, the United States, can rely upon us, can trust upon us.