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reluctance / нежелание, неохота, магнитное сопротивление
имя существительное
reluctance, unwillingness, disinclination, indisposition
reluctance, hesitation, aversion, disinclination
магнитное сопротивление
имя существительное
unwillingness or disinclination to do something.
she sensed his reluctance to continue
This is because of their reluctance , over a period of time, to combat irrational trends in science generally.
However, there is some reluctance by men and women to do away with the old system entirely.
Even if these patients go to the doctor, antibiotics are prescribed with reluctance .
Everywhere around me people are announcing that they are about to vote Labour with the greatest reluctance .
The only factor that causes a bit of reluctance for these guests is the spicy and oily nature of the South Indian special foods.
When finally cajoled into doing so he made no secret of his reluctance .
Some of our partners have shown a bit of reluctance , and we may have to look elsewhere for folks to work with.
she sensed his reluctance to continue
The reluctance by our present government to investigate thoroughly and put closure on this matter is shameful.
It is a role she embraces with regal dignity and a hint of self-conscious reluctance .