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relocate / передислоцировать, перемещать, переселять
relocate, redeploy, resite
move, transfer, shift, relocate, transport, displace
relocate, resettle, emigrate, transmigrate, transplant, immigrate
move to a new place and establish one's home or business there.
if you are relocating here from another state
The decision to relocate from London was typical of his business philosophy.
You see, my dad, who works in the military, just got a new assignment and we had to relocate .
Hunt said businesses are likely to relocate to the suburbs with greater frequency in the near future.
Corporate service staff are being forced to relocate to Orange under the plan.
If we don't, companies hardest hit by the downturn may go out of business or relocate out of Singapore.
There will be huge finances needed to relocate and rehabilitate the fishermen living inside the lake.
That said, the band will be making its big move when they relocate to Toronto for the summer.
I've never had to uproot my wife and uproot my life and relocate just for safe living conditions.
Following her divorce, a mother has to relocate with her daughter to a dingy apartment block with a worrying stain on the ceiling.
Oftentimes, one partner may envision selling the house, moving out of state, or relocating to a warm climate.