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reload / перезаряжать, перегружать, нагружать снова
recharge, reload, overcharge
overload, overburden, transship, supercharge, reload, overcharge
нагружать снова
load (something, especially a gun that has been fired) again.
he reloaded the chamber of the shotgun with fresh cartridges
The German fighters were also limited in that they could not reload their guns if they ran out of ammunition while over Kent etc.
He told the court his friend told him to reload the gun, and he did so with ammunition from the other man's pocket.
His army at the same time reloaded their guns, then rest them on their shoulders.
He reloaded his shotgun to fire the second shot, which hit Ward in the back as he tried to run away.
Jason quickly picked up ammo from his dead enemy and reloaded his gun.
He hitched up his gunbelt, checked the Colt in his shoulder holster, and reloaded his carbine.
On the steps of the police station Andrew frantically reloaded his gun, jamming more bullets into the circular chamber.
The man looked up at Sara while reloading his revolver with practiced efficiency.
I looked at Greene who was currently reloading his rifle.
An evil grin hitched his mouth up slightly and he reloaded his pistols.