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relive / возродиться
live through (an experience or feeling, especially an unpleasant one) again in one's imagination or memory.
he broke down sobbing as he relived the attack
The shock of seeing the animal caused Phil to relive one of the worst experiences in his life.
Please join us in Anaheim and relive the excitement of that day or experience it for the first time.
However, unless you were part of the experience and want to relive the fun, you should probably pass on this one.
On the train up to Paddington, I felt quite excited - as if reliving the thrill of a school trip to the capital.
With a treasure hunt planned, it will be like reliving the excitement again for kids.
He stared at me with his small, observant eyes and it seemed to me as if he was reliving some experience of his with his mother.
There were memories relived by many as they graced the fields they once starred upon.
As the novel traverses the four seasons, it records the upheaval in the small community which relives its memories of the dead.
Reluctantly, she gave in to the memories and relived the past eight months.
Now, with this new face, she once again relived the horror that her neighbors had put her though.