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relish / наслаждаться, смаковать, получать удовольствие
enjoy, relish, delight, savor, revel, take pleasure in
savor, relish, smack one's lips, savour
получать удовольствие
enjoy, relish, derive pleasure, please, find enjoyment in, kvell
имя существительное
seasoning, condiment, flavoring, dressing, relish, sauce
tendency, propensity, inclination, penchant, addiction, relish
pleasure, delight, enjoyment, gratification, treat, relish
имя существительное
great enjoyment.
she swigged a mouthful of wine with relish
a condiment eaten with plain food to add flavor.
use salsa as a relish with grilled meat or fish
an appetizing flavor.
enjoy greatly.
he was relishing his moment of glory
make pleasant to the taste; add relish to.
I have also a novel to relish my wine
My dinner companions are a multinational mix of people tucking into the juicy Argentine beef with equal relish .
Unsurprisingly, a lot of people don't relish the idea of two mortgages, especially if they've ‘maxed out’ on the new one.
But it's done with such relish and infectious enthusiasm that it feels like a much lighter read.
Rumsfeld, who controls most of the estimated $40 billion intelligence budget, doesn't relish giving up that authority.
I was appointed to a position for which I had little relish
Season with tamarind water and lime or mandarin juice: the relish should be salty, hot, sour and sweet.
she swigged a mouthful of wine with relish
she swigged a mouthful of wine with relish
Sandwich the burgers with the onion relish and the other garnishes of your choice, and eat with your hands.
Not to sound like a wuss, but even at 60-plus, he's just not a guy you wanna get in an argument with, and I frankly don't relish the idea.