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reliquary / ковчег, рака, гробница
имя существительное
ark, reliquary
shrine, reliquary, feretory, tabernacle, sanctum
tomb, sepulcher, shrine, reliquary, cist, entombment
имя существительное
a container for holy relics.
As the importance of saints and their relics increased, reliquaries and image-bearing objects, such as small statues, began to be placed upon the altar.
The gold buckle does not feel like a real dress item, and may have been a reliquary , its hollow box once containing a sacred fragment of bone or textile.
The huge response of people in turning out to see the reliquary which contains some of the bones of St. Thérèse is heralded by many in the Catholic Church as a clear sign of a resurgence in spirituality and faith.
One continued along a sequence of glass-fronted niches, like the compartments of a reliquary or the card-by-card disclosure of a Tarot hand.
In another essay, he described his experience at a Buddhist monastery that housed a reliquary said to contain a bone of the Buddha.
The reliquary will remain in Church Street until 7.30 pm tomorrow when it will be moved across the Liffey to Merchants Quay church where there will be short period for veneration.
In the main prayer hall we stood before a reliquary said to contain the head of Zachariah, father of John the Baptist.
Thus, when the reliquary was exhibited from the outdoor pulpit on feast days sacred to the Virgin Mary, a strong visual bond between the reliquary and the church in which it was kept could be discerned.
He displayed it in a reliquary at a liturgical station at the hospital of S. Spirito, to commemorate the Feast of the Wedding at Cana.
The tour of the reliquary of St Therese of Lisieux began in April, 2001, and reopened aspects of a debate simmering since 1979.
At Louvain, the three ornate facades are sculptural in a conventional sense, completely encrusted with baldachins and statues, the surfaces richly worked like a monumental reliquary .