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relinquish / отказываться, оставлять, уступать
refuse, deny, give up, waive, reject, relinquish
leave, forsake, abandon, let, give up, relinquish
give, concede, give in, yield, give way, relinquish
voluntarily cease to keep or claim; give up.
he relinquished his managerial role to become chief executive
By now we're reluctant to relinquish them, so like a part of our bodies have they become.
Demands are made on parents relinquish custody of their disabled child in return for funding for support services for a disability.
There is no evidence of her ever wishing to voluntarily relinquish the post.
France has been reluctant to relinquish the remaining pieces of its colonial empire.
In other words the National Trust is willing to, in a nutshell, relinquish our claims of ownership under those conditions.
Unfortunately, you may have to relinquish some managerial control in exchange for their money!
Among the Buddhist monks, it was their practice as part of their religion to shave off their heads as a symbol of relinquishment of all fascinations for worldly attractions and stringency of living as well.
It comes across as granting power to the multitudes, but is actually about relinquishing responsibility for ideas and actions and submitting to the spontaneous.
Their lawyer told the court that, since they had relinquished any claim to the child, there was no purpose in continuing the application.
He relinquished this perk as he himself prefers to live with his large family in a shack in the location.