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religion / религия, культ, религиозное учение
имя существительное
religion, faith
cult, worship, religion, cultus
религиозное учение
имя существительное
the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
ideas about the relationship between science and religion
I feel that religion or religious beliefs should not be used as an argument against the rights given to private people.
Yet the power of our civic religion lies not in any sanctions it imposes but in the moral sensibility it nurtures.
The roots of Japanese mythology are in the Shinto religion , in Taoism and in Zen Buddhism alike.
Church and state are separate today, but Catholicism is the religion of the great majority.
Yet Wicca is a religion , you can't invent it as you go along.
Instead of rewriting history and using religion as a power tool, he would rather that politicians embrace technology.
Regardless of your religion or personal beliefs, I will always stand against censorship.
He understood the ideological power of religion as well as its miraculous strength.
Wicca is a nature religion based upon beliefs and rites believed to be rooted in ancient practices.
ideas about the relationship between science and religion