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relict / реликт, вдова
имя существительное
relic, relict
widow, dowager, relict
имя прилагательное
relict, connate
имя существительное
a thing that has survived from an earlier period or in a primitive form.
‘The Chinese Government has never relaxed in its efforts to retrieve the lost cultural relicts from overseas, but for various reasons, the work has met with lots of difficulties,’ Wang said.
a widow.
The knowledge that a provision of this kind is in being can be a consolation to those aware of diminishing powers; and its activation could tangibly benefit their relicts .
Minor relict populations occur 50-80 km to the south and southwest.
That was all a relict from the times of the Cold War, and had to go.
These two species survive as relict populations in the mountains of eastern Mexico, sometimes in high elevation conifer stands but also in stands at mid-elevation that include hardwood trees.
Where the court is balancing the relict 's claims against those of others, she might claim that she actually owned the house, which, therefore, did not pass under the will anyway.
Then came the settlers from Europe, and by the second half of the 19th century this sea of wildlife had been reduced to a relict population of perhaps 1,500.
Recovery work over the past three decades has included captive propagation from these relict populations and reintroduction of fish into historic stream habitat in New Mexico and Arizona.
Somewhere in Gondwana, a relict population held out.
It was a relict of the times before the First Apocalypse, the unknown era.
So it was a relict for the eyes to arrive in the clear air of the busy mountain town, its open stone patios hanging with orchids in every shade - purple, white, the pink of roses.
In its strive to adopt Western civilizations, the Imperial Meiji government banned tattooing as something considered a barbaric relict of the past.