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relent / смягчаться
soften, remit, wear off, relent, moderate, relax
abandon or mitigate a harsh intention or cruel treatment.
she was going to refuse his request, but relented
Time often dilutes anger and passion and Hollywood began to relent in its attitude against Kazan.
Outside, the sky rumbled, and the falling rain did not relent .
The rain did not relent , and even seemed to be enhanced at times as its path became more horizontal.
The mists did not relent to the light, they only fell around Nakita and the Neraks, and stayed upon them.
Finally, Cathena relents and leave Eric alone with her father.
But despite the best efforts of his closest aides, it was not until two hours later that the Pope finally relented , the report said.
Finally, she relents , replacing it within her purse.
She saw the look in Adonea's eye soften, and she finally relented .
Finally relenting to the tempting rays of sun, I undressed and sat down on the towel that I had already spread out.
He came back every day for a week, and I finally relented .