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relegate / относить, передавать, низводить
refer, attribute, relegate, take, take to, take back
pass, transmit, transfer, send, convey, relegate
send, refer, send off, dispatch, relegate, bundle
guide, head, direct, destine, route, relegate
consign or dismiss to an inferior rank or position.
they aim to prevent women from being relegated to a secondary role
As the present academic system is totally different, the importance of good handwriting has been relegated to the background.
The music, his real career, was relegated to after-hours and vacations.
Not that they can't make quilts, but it has been relegated to a craft and an inferior position for so long.
Most of them were relegated to rear echelon positions or they were stewards on the boats or on the ships.
And that is not to say that the poll will result in the childcare issue being relegated to the footnotes of party manifestos.
In the United States, he is relegated to subordinate positions and rendered passive by white society.
As a result, even a three-year-old boy becomes the legal chief of the family and his mother is relegated to an inferior social status.
At one stage, the club's very existence was hanging in the balance, with debts mounting in the wake of consecutive relegations which saw the team plunge from the Premier League into the Second Division.
I'm so pleased that he has been relegated to another set of duties.
However, relegation from the league did take its toll on the county.