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release / высвобождение, освобождение, версия
имя существительное
release, extrication, disengagement
release, liberation, exemption, emancipation, relief, deliverance
version, release
release, let out, produce, issue, let go, output
rid, free, exempt, release, loose, liberate
let go, release, dismiss, loosen, absolve, set loose
имя существительное
the action or process of releasing or being released.
a campaign by the prisoner's mother resulted in his release
the action of making a movie, recording, or other product available for general viewing or purchase.
the film was withheld for two years before its release
the action of releasing property, money, or a right to another.
I have been advised by my bank manager that any release of money needs to be authorised by the solicitors who initiated the freezing injunction.
allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.
the government announced that the prisoners would be released
allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.
she released his arm and pushed him aside
allow (information) to be generally available.
no details about the contents of the talks were released
remit or discharge (a debt).
Mr. Libenstein further argues that if he is found personally liable, the liability was released by his discharge from bankruptcy.
The process of gaining early release created a complicated and intriguing paper trail.
The crowds grew in size and confidence, and began to demand the immediate release of the results.
He has not complied with the court order for production of the notes and records nor has he signed a release to permit Ms. N.L. direct access to the documents.
Second, we said we will release our income tax returns by the end of the month.
They are ready for talks provided the distributors lift the ban on release of films on or before February 7.
It appears the adipocytes of obese individuals release free fatty acids even in the presence of insulin.
Neither was much liked on release - his curmudgeonly socialism was out of step with the times - but hindsight may teach us to value them better.
Catherine's hand struggled desperately to move, trying to release the increasing pressure on her throat.
a bout of crying can release pent-up emotions
The question is, can the federal courts come into the state of Alabama and threaten fines to release our inalienable rights?