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relaxed / расслабленный
имя прилагательное
relaxed, emasculate, creeping, enervate
имя прилагательное
free from tension and anxiety; at ease.
we were having a great time and feeling very relaxed
make or become less tense or anxious.
he relaxed and smiled confidently
make (a rule or restriction) less strict while not abolishing it.
they persuaded the local authorities concerned to relax their restrictions
And check it out you should - it's a pleasant, neighbourhoody spot, with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere.
As I calm my mind with relaxed , conscious breathing, my body will reach its peak efficiency and awareness.
The welcoming blue eyes crossed with guarded tension, and her relaxed pose stiffened with anxiety.
At this comment, Laura's body posture changed from a relaxed one, to a more tense one, with her arms crossed.
It's a credit to Byrne's skill as a performer, that he's casually able to generate such a relaxed atmosphere.
These two rules make the atmosphere more relaxed and friendly.
The atmosphere was throughout relaxed and benign.
So you've got the great food, you've got the friendly service, you've got the relaxed atmosphere and toe-tapping music.
I found it to be a relaxed atmosphere, where I could converse with friends over a quiet drink.
There was a relaxed , friendly atmosphere with no trouble and there were even signs up advising punters to order taxis at the beginning of the evening, complete with a list of numbers.