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relational / относительный, родственный
имя прилагательное
relative, relational, comparative, relatival
related, kindred, akin, sister, cognate, relational
имя прилагательное
concerning the way in which two or more people or things are connected.
power is a relational concept that can only be understood in terms of interactions between individuals and groups
Married life is not only deeply relational , but it is also unpredictable.
Nominal concepts are relatively autonomous, whereas relational concepts display a high degree of conceptual dependence.
I would say to him that my world is essentially relational , not personal.
relational database
On the whole, locally upheld cultural ideals support a notion of the relational or connective self.
These limitations to the concept of relational exchange are considered below.
relational problems
In addition, enactments-which are inherently relationally focused-may be viewed as a defining clinical operation that is unique and essential to relational therapies.
Conversely, men who do not desire to be fathers but biologically father a child anyway are less likely to be involved financially, temporally, or relationally , especially across time.
Children who are highly relationally aggressive feel lonely and depressed and tend to feel badly about themselves and their social situations.