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relapse / рецидив, повторение, возврат болезни
имя существительное
relapse, recurrence, recidivism, recrudescence
reiteration, repetition, repeat, recurrence, iteration, relapse
возврат болезни
снова впадать
backslide, relapse
снова предаваться
снова заболевать
имя существительное
a deterioration in someone's state of health after a temporary improvement.
he suffered a relapse of schizophrenia after a car crash
(of someone suffering from a disease) suffer deterioration after a period of improvement.
One patient relapsed upon discontinuation of clarithromycin therapy but has since responded to re-initiation of treatment.
Many of these patients also experienced a relapse of their psychotic illness after the pregnancy.
he suffered a relapse of schizophrenia after a car crash
he responded well to treatment, but then suffered a relapse
In the first placebo controlled trial conducted in rapid cycling disorder, lamotrigine improved the overall relapse rate.
During follow up some of them had a bacteriological relapse of the disease within one and a half years.
The measure of the sterilizing activity of a regimen is reflected by the relapse rate after successful treatment.
The main goal of this intervention is to keep him motivated and to avoid a relapse into a less active lifestyle.
The relapsers had been ill on average for 16 years versus 22 for the non-relapsers.
The drug reduced the rate of clinical relapses in MS patients by up to 66% and was slowing the development of brain lesions.
In salmonella infections relapses of enteritis or bacteraemia are common.