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rejoinder / ответ, возражение, вторичное возражение ответчика
имя существительное
answer, reply, response, return, replication, rejoinder
objection, rejoinder, retort, answer, exception, protestation
вторичное возражение ответчика
object, retort, raise an objection, rejoinder
имя существительное
a reply, especially a sharp or witty one.
she would have made some cutting rejoinder but none came to mind
She had planned a witty rejoinder but the sight of him standing in front of her, so arrogantly beautiful, stoked the fires of her temper.
The rejoinder , of course, is that while we all have our individual estimations of the skills and predilections of each enforcement level, none has a monopoly on virtue.
I am a painter of the 20th century,’ was his rejoinder .
‘Ridiculously expensive,’ is his weak rejoinder .
The easy rejoinder to that is I think that no company has ever tried this on before.
Before Kate can respond with a witty rejoinder about geese, a waiter oozes forth and demands drink orders.
In his rejoinder Lorber admits, as he must, that ‘one cannot get the consent of the baby to non-action’ but he adds that equally ‘one cannot get their consent for all the major operations and procedures which have been carried out on them’.
The new reality of policing war zones is a sharp rejoinder to that work but not the first time the modern British army has faced pressures - the most notable example being Northern Ireland.
For modern-day adherents of the belief that tariffs and not slavery caused the war, the Confederate tariffs serve as a sharp rejoinder .
As a rejoinder to Mr. Essex - yes, design is a process.