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rejoin / ответ
имя существительное
answer, reply, response, return, replication, rejoin
answer, respond, reply, account, return, rejoin
подавать вторичное возражение
mind, object, object to, protest, contradict, rejoin
join together again; reunite.
the stone had been cracked and crudely rejoined
say something in answer to a remark, typically rudely or in a discouraging manner.
Harry said that he longed for a bath and soft towels, to which his father rejoined that he was a gross materialist
This had healing properties and would allow the skin to rejoin again quicker than usual.
I rejoin him, we do some more together, and we end together.
the soldiers were returning from leave to rejoin their unit
He rolled his eyes, walking away to rejoin his friends.
He waited for her to go away, expecting her to rejoin her friends.
Later in the evening the men would rejoin the ladies in the drawing room for conversation and card games and tea would be dispensed.
One had to go there, fix one's own drink and rejoin the conversation.
We will take a break, and Elizabeth Edwards will join us, and then our panel will rejoin us later.
They also hear the others calling, so Janet gathers herself together and they go to rejoin the group.
Monica left the conversation at that and they went back out to rejoin the even smaller group of people who remained.