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reissue / переиздание
имя существительное
reissue, reprint
reprint, reissue
выпускать снова
make a new supply or different form of (a product, especially a book or record) available for sale.
the book was reissued with a new epilogue
имя существительное
a new issue of a product.
But regardless, these reissues are welcome news for sunshine pop fetishists and casual fans of 60s pop alike.
While the charter served a treaty-like function during the baronial wars, its reissue in time of peace established it as a basis of government.
Superior playing from all involved makes this a reissue to own.
The reissue was produced for compact disc by Bob Irwin.
a welcome reissue of a classic film
The disappointing news about the police check and the reissue of his license to practise came out on Friday.
The reissue of this meticulously edited two-volume collection (first published in 1986 and 1988) offers another chance to see what he made.
The book became such a success in America that it has had to be reissued by another publisher.
The disc of reissues contains almost as many worthwhile pieces as the newcomer.
The department has reissued warnings to people travelling to affected countries.
There is also - and here the 22 reissued CDs provide a powerful reminder - a pervasive sense of shoddiness clinging to their early output.