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reinvest / восстанавливать, восстанавливать в правах
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, reinvest
восстанавливать в правах
rehabilitate, reinstate, discharge, reinvest, restitute
put (the profit on a previous investment) back into the same place.
the enterprise had been expanded by reinvesting profits
The family has made a concerted effort to reinvest profits in the hotel and has tried to introduce a new feature each year.
If you invest now and reinvest your dividends until you retire, you can get a huge return on your initial investment.
Many companies and investors favor using spare corporate cash for stock buybacks or to reinvest profits instead of paying dividends.
If a trader, therefore, has alternative or multiple income streams, they may be better off to incorporate their business as a company and reinvest the profits back into it.
Also, reinvest your profits to grow the business.
Assume that you reinvest your dividends and capital gains payouts in shares of the fund.
We reinvest the profits back into the company and that negates the need to seek further external funding.
Most of our supermarkets are adventurous about wine, and existing hotels, bars, wine bars and wine shops are reinvesting their profits into luxurious and thoughtful re-workings of their existing shops.
Investors should keep track of distributions made by their mutual funds that are reinvested .
As these assets generate profits, and as the profits are reinvested in additional assets, you see a return in the form of increased share value as stock prices rise.