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reinvent / изобрести
change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new.
he brought opera to the masses and reinvented the waltz
the actor wants to reinvent himself as an independent movie mogul
the actor wants to reinvent himself as an independent movie mogul
Gordon has stated that he needs to be different each night and so he reinvents the show every night.
Concrete music reinvents raw sound such as that of a door with rusty hinges, breath, a thunderstorm or a waterfall.
It is said - our correspondents said, other people say it - that Las Vegas is a city of transformation, a city that reinvents itself .
It constantly reinvents itself , remaining classic but fresh.
Both are reinventions of traditional intellectual property licenses to make the world a better place.
Just when it seems he is falling into a repetitious, stylistic pit, he reinvents the presentation.
New York is a city that endlessly reinvents itself and, in the process of doing so, provides almost limitless opportunities for missed dreams to be dreamt again and to be realized.
The technology reinvents the conventional distribution-exhibition model in India.