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reinstate / восстанавливать, поправлять, восстанавливать в правах
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, reinstate
correct, better, mend, repair, rearrange, reinstate
восстанавливать в правах
rehabilitate, reinstate, discharge, reinvest, restitute
restore (someone or something) to their former position or condition.
the union is fighting to reinstate the fired journalists
the union is fighting to reinstate the fired journalists
A reinstatement of last summer's deferred industrial action will likely be agreed and could be put into effect in weeks.
In the previous year a total of 140 pupils were permanently excluded, which was reduced to 124 by reinstatements .
Farmers and parish councils are reinstating hedgerows and planting trees which were ripped out under orders from the government during and immediately after the Second World War.
The Feds Board of Directors later reinstated the approval for the expansion of the facilities.
But residents are hoping there will be a complete overhaul of the building, including reinstating the first floor, which was removed during Victorian times.
His honourable resignation and subsequent reinstatement , some said, were signs of an astute political mind.
After that, I won my appeal at a council hearing but, instead of reinstating me, they promptly sacked me again.
The paper was reinstated and an investigation into the closing of the paper was organized.
Brown said workers also wanted reinstatement of allowances which were taken away after the recession of the 1980s.