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reincarnate / перевоплощаться, перевоплощать, воплощать снова
reincarnate, transform
воплощать снова
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
reborn in another body.
he claims that the girl is his dead daughter reincarnate
(as believed in some religions and philosophies) cause (someone) to undergo rebirth in another body.
a man may be reincarnated in animal form
By following Hinduism they should be able to lead a very good life, so that when they reincarnate , they get a good birth to continue their spiritual education.
In the sixteenth century, the French connection was receding into England's past, but not in the imagination and ambition of Henry VIII, who tried to be Henry V reincarnate .
I discovered, however, that they reincarnate into another body when killed.
I believed that I was Jesus Christ reincarnate back to do a job for the planet.
We are all quite aware that he is a witch-burner reincarnate come to re-enact all the painful past.
Judaism also believes, as Hindus do, that an old soul can choose to reincarnate in a body well after birth, in someone who is say 15 or 22 years old, this is known as ibbur.
And anyway, you carry the spirit reincarnate of the Lord of Stone.
Jack's not too bothered, though, as he's now convinced he is Bill Clinton reincarnate .
She, and she alone, has the power to start and stop the wars, for she is the Oracle reincarnate and she will deliver justice to the world.
His oldest son is quite mad, believing that he is Jesus Christ reincarnate .