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reigning / царствующий, главный
имя прилагательное
reigning, regnant
main, major, chief, principal, primary, reigning
имя прилагательное
occupying the throne; ruling.
the official residence of the reigning monarch
hold royal office; rule as king or queen.
Queen Elizabeth reigns over the UK
Firman, from Norfolk, is the reigning British formula Nippon champion.
A 24-year-old Brazilian, Junqueira is the reigning Formula 3000 champion.
Flitcroft was sold by City in March 1996 for £ 3.2m to the then reigning Premiership Champions Blackburn Rovers.
Alex Rodriguez, the league's reigning Most Valuable Player, was there.
Today, on the back of two World Cup triumphs, the reigning Tri-Nation champions dwarf the thistle's playing resources.
Urged on by over 8,000 cheering fans, the Silsden rider went head-to-head with reigning champion Albert Cabestany in the final round.
Guiseley made up for the previous week's disappointment by taking four points from a drawn game with reigning champions Bilton.
Qwai had won the title scoring a tenth round TKO over reigning champ Matthew Saad Muhammad.
Clan wrestlers could not overcome the strength behind the reigning champion, Brock University.
In 1984, we beat the Philadelphia 76ers - the reigning champion 76ers - in a great five-game series.