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rehouse / переселять в новые дома
переселять в новые дома
provide (someone) with new housing.
tenants will be rehoused in hotels until their homes are habitable
One claimed that homes are deliberately burnt because some people want the council to rehouse them elsewhere.
He said: ‘There's been so much damage and trouble here that it would be best to pull the flats down and rehouse us elsewhere.’
Housing reformers preferred to rehouse workers in the suburbs, but the cost of transport to and from work was beyond many families' incomes.
Plans have also been approved to build three new bungalows in Mather Avenue, which are intended to rehouse some of the residents of Elms Road who will lose their homes as part of the development.
A decision is soon to be made on the future of the flat, though it is likely to be used to rehouse alternative tenants.
Two and a half years later, these people continue to live in temporary shelters and, according to these women, there is still no policy in place to rehouse them.
Already, 500 families have been rehoused in modern two-storey apartments, but hundreds more are still waiting.
It's a vicious circle and unfortunately if this family is rehoused these youths will probably just pick on somebody else in the estate.
Residents were rehoused further downstream on the other side of the dam, but many yearned for the lost streets and houses.
It is not fair on other council tenants that have paid their rent if people in arrears are rehoused before them.