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rehearsal / репетиция, повторение, перечисление
имя существительное
rehearsal, repetition, run-through, try-out
reiteration, repetition, repeat, recurrence, iteration, rehearsal
enumeration, recitation, allotment, citation, narration, rehearsal
имя существительное
a practice or trial performance of a play or other work for later public performance.
rehearsals for the opera season
In rehearsal for this particular piece, dancers lay on the floor with their eyes closed.
If it's extremely complex, then I'll have to book more rehearsal time to work around it.
Caught during a break in rehearsal , they have the air of two people having huge and exhausting fun.
I thought I detected a blush but they've been very professional in rehearsal .
Then, two days before the performance, Ivan sprained his ankle in rehearsal .
The third will house community art groups, seminar and rehearsal areas and office space.
The team reached the city well in advance and had hectic rehearsal sessions to fine-tune skills.
They had been in rehearsal every night for the past two weeks, so they knew what they were doing.
All three smiled confidently and gave a relaxed, free rendition that showed rehearsal time well spent.
From the writing process, to the rehearsal room, to the studio and to the stage, he has heard them every step of the way.