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rehabilitate / реабилитировать, восстанавливать, реконструировать
rehabilitate, exonerate, vindicate, exculpate, retrieve, discharge
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, rehabilitate
reconstruct, remodel, rebuild, restore, rehabilitate, overhaul
restore (someone) to health or normal life by training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.
helping to rehabilitate former criminals
Like we've got to get rid of our feral animals, we've got to get rid of our pest plants, and then let the land rehabilitate itself.
In addition, both agencies have joined forces to rehabilitate a nearby pond as a future breeding site for the rare frog.
helping to rehabilitate former criminals
Dealers did not, however, completely rehabilitate their images.
Some people might be asking is this an attempt for you to try to rehabilitate your reputation?
In this way, portraits emerged as critical pieces of evidence in efforts to rehabilitate the reputation of French art of the fourteenth century.
The current government of St Lucia, however, is working hard to rehabilitate the school's reputation.
It's taken you years to rehabilitate your reputation and you finally seemed to have mended bridges with the Royal Family.
In just five years' time, he's whittled down the amount he owes on a $150,000 loan, taken out to rehabilitate his first building, to $58,000.
The project to rehabilitate airports started in the year 2000.