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rehab / реабилитация, восстановление, реконструкция
имя существительное
rehabilitation, rehab, exoneration, discharge, whitewash, defense
reduction, recovery, restoration, reconstruction, rehabilitation, rehab
reconstruction, renovation, rehabilitation, restoration, rebuilding, rehab
rehabilitate or restore.
they don't rehab you at all in jail
имя существительное
a course of treatment for drug or alcohol dependence, typically at a residential facility.
the star has been in rehab for a week
a thing, especially a building, that has been rehabilitated or restored.
A walk east of Tompkins Square Park reveals new businesses, new buildings, and rehabs fast replacing empty lots and former crack houses.
She didn't really go into rehab for drink or drugs.
A rehab specialist can give you specific exercises to strengthen and increase your range of motion and improve your balance and proprioception.
Billy has checked himself out of rehab after receiving a month of treatment for alcohol addiction.
He recalled his stint in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction back when he was in high school.
He was the one who put her there, who admitted her into rehab for her drug addiction.
However, the personal trainer should not perform assisted stretching without first consulting the rehab professional who previously treated the client.
They integrate training and rehab principles into injury recovery.
Last March she checked into drug rehab but checked out five days later.
Proper cardiac rehab , when the exercise is performed appropriately, can be highly effective in improving the long-term prognosis.
Years later, after leaving Hollywood, undergoing drug rehab and starting a new life, he died in what appeared to be a drug overdose situation.