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regulatory / распорядительный, управляющий
имя прилагательное
control, administering, regulatory, factor
имя прилагательное
serving or intended to regulate something.
the existing legal and regulatory framework
In the same year, a regulatory authority for telecoms and post was also established.
First, regulatory and legislative bodies in any developing country will rarely change on their own.
Industry advertising is already controlled through legal or regulatory agency initiatives.
Most state legislation for nurse practitioners sets up the state board of nursing as their regulatory body.
The regulatory bodies cover most professionals who work in health care including nurses.
There are no plans for the proposed new regulatory authority to regulate these firms.
The regulatory bodies are concerned with public protection and the public interest.
They were also required to deal with eight separate bodies that dealt with regulatory issues.
Do we really want a regulatory body to dictate which parenting styles are acceptable?
I challenged them by formally complaining to their regulatory body in this country and got nowhere.