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regular / регулярный, очередной, правильный
имя прилагательное
regular, orderly, stated, across-the-board
correct, right, proper, regular, sound, straight
имя существительное
регулярные войска
active forces, regular
постоянный сотрудник
преданный сторонник
имя прилагательное
arranged in or constituting a constant or definite pattern, especially with the same space between individual instances.
place the flags at regular intervals
done or happening frequently.
regular border clashes
conforming to or governed by an accepted standard of procedure or convention.
policies carried on by his deputies through regular channels
used, done, or happening on a habitual basis; usual; customary.
I couldn't get an appointment with my regular barber
(of a word) following the normal pattern of inflection.
a regular verb
имя существительное
a regular customer or member, for example of a bar, store, or team.
attracting a richer clientele as its regulars
Educational needs are diverse, and not necessarily attuned to the patterns of regular schools or for those clever and strong enough to make it to maturity.
Start by buying the slender regular sizes (they are the smallest and easiest to insert).
Jumping up, she changed into her regular work clothes even though school was over for that day.
there are regular flights to Dublin
York council chiefs announced plans to dump regular weekly rubbish collections in an attempt to recycle more garden waste.
If cycles become regular , it is worth continuing for six months at this dose.
Then it's just like the regular process for the other stuff I'm making.
The engraving shows that Geometry / Melancholy has not succeeded in fashioning a regular dodecahedron.
We went through the regular processes you go through for something like this and emerged through the other side in late 2003.
I figured they would be a change from my regular studs.