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regroup / перегруппировывать, перегруппировываться
regroup, reshuffle
reassemble or cause to reassemble into organized groups, typically after being attacked or defeated.
their heroic resistance gave American forces time to regroup
In the winter of 1778, Washington's ragged army had retreated here to regroup .
All remnants of 1832nd and 98th Battalion fall back and regroup !
Many producers also choose to separate the first lactation cows so that they may be monitored more closely during early lactation and may regroup them as they near the end of lactation.
The facilitators grouped like terms (values and activities) into categories and participants were asked how they would regroup them and why.
But it is a small force, and they will need to recruit and regroup .
Once you land make every effort to regroup with as many of our forces as you can.
‘All forces regroup in designated sectors and await pick-up and orders,’ the battalion commander ordered.
The enemies flailed and struggled to regroup before a second attack could be mounted, but they were not successful.
She felt that now was the chance to regroup her thoughts once more, she appeared not to be thinking properly as usual.
It was necessary for all parties, both military and civilian, to lay down arms and regroup .