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regretful / опечаленный, полный сожаления, полный раскаяния
имя прилагательное
regretful, sore, heartsore
полный сожаления
regretful, remorseful, sorry, rueful
полный раскаяния
remorseful, rueful, regretful
имя прилагательное
feeling or showing regret.
he sounded regretful but pointed out that he had committed himself
She slipped out the door, relieved that she was able to sneak out, vacating the room, before anything regretful was said or done.
He walked out with somewhat a regretful smile on his face, his eyes lost in the past; he nearly walked into the closed door!
But it is utterly regretful that no one could understand the reality.
I give it a regretful look, hoping it won't be my last and turn to head back inside.
I am deeply regretful about this mistake of others - no, I will not say sorry.
Bragg sometimes seems vaguely regretful about the fact that he is not thought of, primarily, as a writer.
In one case, a tiny, angry-looking boy is judged sufficiently regretful to return to the school where he threatened a bodyguard.
I'm thankful for what it's given me, and regretful for what it's taken.
He said everyone present was deeply regretful about the situation and had really wanted to see the radiotherapy unit become a reality.
This is truly regretful and I offer my candid apologies.