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regressive / регрессивный, обратный
имя прилагательное
back, return, reverse, inverse, converse, regressive
имя прилагательное
becoming less advanced; returning to a former or less developed state.
the regressive, infantile wish for the perfect parent of early childhood
(of a tax) taking a proportionally greater amount from those on lower incomes.
Clearly we are not likely to lower regressive excise taxes on cigarettes, nor are we likely to lower the payroll tax for lower-income workers.
proceeding from effect to cause or from particular to universal.
Whilst the first two involve regressive analysis and synthesis, the third and fourth involve decompositional analysis and synthesis.
Things get rolling in the early '20s, when animators were taking their cues from the avant-garde art scene that was as progressive as the Nazi culture which crushed it was regressive .
Erin and Brenna had gone through regressive hypnosis to try and determine what exactly they had both seen.
But we shouldn't carry around an image of a company that is regressive in its treatment of its workers.
‘Some towns have had their reputations damaged by the regressive style of their mayors,’ she says.
The salt tax was severely regressive , since it fell heaviest on the peasants who needed salt to feed to their cattle.
A 1998 report described 12 children with inflammatory bowel disorders who developed regressive conditions including autism.
This would be a regressive step and could lead to a two-tier-system, with those who could afford getting the medicine of the doctor's choice doing so, whereas poorer patients might not.
There is a regressive longing for the world of the perfectly nurtured child here, which is why speaking of the fallen psychiatrist and patient who act this out literally seems apt.
Of course, in some sense, this is a regressive tax as poorer laborers are probably the least likely to have flexibility in setting their work schedules for the sake of avoiding the higher taxes.
Those writings are largely based upon Freud's assertion that firesetting in youth is a regressive retreat to ‘primitive man's’ desire to gain power and control over nature.