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registry / реестр, регистрация, регистратура
имя существительное
registry, register, list, roll, catalog, cartulary
registration, recording, record, registry, enrollment, notification
registry, desk, register office
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a place or office where registers or records are kept.
The civil registry numbers were used to link the records in both registries .
MI5 maintains a large registry of files on individuals and organizations
converted trawlers of local registry
The Alaskan Malamute Club of America maintains a registry of dogs that have been certified free of chondrodysplasia.
What is this ship's name, registry , crew complement and purpose?
State officials put this information in a central registry and make it available to the public, in part, by posting it on the Internet.
‘That's a civilian ship bearing a Republican registry ,’ Collard said.
A tempting alternative is to share ‘known spammer’ sender e-mail lists among end users or generate a public registry of such addresses for all to use.
The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors is considering requiring all clinical trials submitted for publication to be listed in a registry .
The world will not have seen the like of Cunard's QM2, which will carry the name of Southampton, her city of registry , emblazoned on her hull, to all corners of the globe, after she enters service in January of next year.
converted trawlers of local registry