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registration / регистрация, учет, запись
имя существительное
registration, recording, record, registry, enrollment, notification
accounting, registration, record, stocktaking, tab
record, recording, entry, notation, note, registration
имя существительное
the action or process of registering or of being registered.
the registration of births, marriages, and deaths
a combination of stops used when playing the organ.
Etherington adopts an apt change in registration , giving vent to the diapasons that would have been the lynchpin of organs in Handel's own time.
‘Effectively this means people are forced to complete the process of registration twice,’ said Mr Murphy.
The matter was raised under their monthly housing report which showed that registration of private rented dwellings has reached 727.
Across the nation, the massive increase in voter registration that has been a hallmark of the campaign is evident among the young as well.
The officer returned with his bow-legged walk, a new yellowish paper in his hand on top of the registration he had handed him earlier.
This hour, Arnold Schwarzenegger is scheduled to work a crowd in Riverside, California, and try to pump up voter registration in the process.
He trained in London as an actuary before migrating to Melbourne in 1852, and in the following year took charge of the new system of compulsory civil registration of births, deaths, and marriages.
When a work is sold, the registration - complete with its descriptive history - is transferred to the new owner.
With a population of 300-million people, and registration among youth increasing, a power shift was inevitable.
This tax is known as Vehicle Registration Tax and is payable on the first registration of a car in the State, which has to be done before it can be licensed for road tax purposes, thereby making the car legal to drive.
But, the income from registration did not increase as the Government had expected.