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registrar / архивариус, регистрационное бюро, чиновник-регистратор
имя существительное
archivist, registrar
регистрационное бюро
имя существительное
an official responsible for keeping a register or official records.
the registrar of births and deaths
Football's original pin-up was described by university registrar James O'Kane as ‘noteworthy, sometimes notorious, but never ignored’.
Professor Stewart was summoned to the registrar 's office at the University of Adelaide.
the registrar of births and deaths
She still had a lot of pain and on April 21, 1996, she was seen by a medical registrar , who recorded she was complaining of very severe pain.
The Otago University's registrar , Augustus Hamilton, had pieced together a skeleton of the extinct bird and even added feathers.
As well as being the proud mum at the civil ceremony - she'll also be the officiating registrar .
Waterford city native, Dr John Nolan is the registrar or chief executive of the National University of Ireland, under whose aegis the new degree was developed.
Seamus was a County Council employee and the local registrar for births, marriages and deaths.
According to Joanne Wade of the registrar 's office, information systems and technology, that the statement simply reflects the current practice.
Our registrar is accepting membership for this year, which remains unchanged at €10 per adult and €1 per juvenile.