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register / регистр, реестр, запись
имя существительное
register, regional committee, stop
registry, register, list, roll, catalog, cartulary
record, recording, entry, notation, note, register
register, record, log, enroll, check in, enter
register, check in, check up
note, mark, notice, register, flag, denote
имя существительное
an official list or record, for example of births, marriages, and deaths, of shipping, or of historic places.
While the graveyard register has recorded the names of those buried in the cemetery identity of those buried in some graves is difficult to establish.
a particular part of the range of a voice or instrument.
his voice moved up a register
a variety of a language or a level of usage, as determined by degree of formality and choice of vocabulary, pronunciation, and syntax, according to the communicative purpose, social context, and social status of the user.
In some languages, and some registers of English, syntactic tangling like this is normal.
the exact correspondence of the position of color components in a printed positive.
(in electronic devices) a location in a store of data, used for a specific purpose and with quick access time.
Compilers determine which information should be stored in registers .
enter or record on an official list or directory.
the vessel is registered as Liberian
(of an instrument) detect and show (a reading) automatically.
the electroscope was too insensitive to register the tiny changes
express or convey (an opinion or emotion).
I wish to register an objection
correspond or cause to correspond exactly in position.
they are adjusted until the impressions register
The combination of his voice with the lower register of the viola sends shivers down the spine.
I was struggling my hardest against the temptation to laugh, but the look of hideous repugnance on her face coaxed the hilarity out of me, and I found myself trying not to laugh as I answered my name in the register .
Well, of course, you have to prove ID to register to vote.
In his early years, Caruso often ruminated over whether he was a tenor or a baritone, the upper register of his voice being naturally weaker than the lower.
In a market with no real competition, customers must register their dissatisfaction with the price paid for mortgage products.
However, a vote was taken last March among the 25 qualified electors named on the register of electors at Kennedy Street.
He appealed to the young voters to come out to vote and to make sure their names are on the register of electors.
A handmade, ornamental paper happily festoons the upper register of the work.
the central register shows a Roman Emperor on horseback
If you are over 18 and were resident at your present address in September 2003 it is important that your name is on the register .