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regimen / режим, диета, система правления
имя существительное
mode, regime, regimen, behavior, schedule, duty
diet, dietary, regime, regimen
система правления
имя существительное
a prescribed course of medical treatment, way of life, or diet for the promotion or restoration of health.
a regimen of one or two injections per day
a system of government.
The physician needs to consider a number of factors in choosing a treatment regimen for the patient with acne.
Health officials have announced that they will re-evaluate the treatment regimen of ribavirin and steroids.
a regimen of one or two injections per day
a treatment regimen
However, the ideal regimen and duration of treatment have not yet been resolved.
exercise regimen
The same trials also revealed that 96 percent of women on the regimen would recommend its use to others.
The mainstay of initial treatment is a structured regimen of physical therapy.
a regimen of one or two injections per day
Trials of anti-inflammatory treatment regimens for sepsis have had few successes.