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regime / режим, строй, диета
имя существительное
mode, regime, regimen, behavior, schedule, duty
order, formation, regime, array, tune, line-up
diet, dietary, regime, regimen
имя существительное
a government, especially an authoritarian one.
For one, wages tend to be lower in authoritarian regimes than in democracies, giving businesses in dictatorships a monetary advantage in selling exports abroad.
a system or planned way of doing things, especially one imposed from above.
detention centers with a very tough physical regime
Eventually her interest in the family superseded her interest in the tax regime and she then devoted all of her time to it.
He had almost succeeded in having the inspection regime removed.
ideological opponents of the regime
The tougher regime should also stop a rather dubious practice in the mortgage industry.
The Madonna Method insists on a tough regime : no mess, no television, no argument.
Nkosi explained that Sisulu was the invisible power behind Mandela's successful defiance of the oppressive apartheid regime .
detention centers with a very tough physical regime
a tax regime
Who could argue with taking action against the regime responsible for such outrages?
In reply, Van Auken explained that the Soviet Stalinist regime had proven a false counterweight to imperialism.