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regale / потчевать, угощать, попотчевать
regale, wine and dine, ply
treat, regale, feast, entertain, wine and dine, stand
имя существительное
изысканное блюдо
treat, entertainment, spread, regale, layout, chummage
feast, banquet, bowl, regale
entertain or amuse (someone) with talk.
he regaled her with a colorful account of that afternoon's meeting
The atmosphere was convivial and Harrison continued after the meal to regale his children with amusing stories of the day's experiences, and to discuss newspaper business with William.
I will endeavor to stay in touch on a regular basis, and regale you with amusing anecdotes of our experiences to date.
A napkin, which lay in front of the diners as they reclined, might serve as a knapsack to take home the little gifts of food or wine with which a host would regale his friends as they departed.
The Friar then busied himself with consoling the unfortunate woman, while Libertine busied himself with complimenting the exotic Gipsy beauty, and regaling her with stories of his wit and bravery.
I caught up to Dan and walked to class with him, listening as he regaled me with a fascinating account of his weekend.
The guest speaker was Graham Walton, the father of the only girl sextuplets in the world, who proved an entertaining speaker, regaling the audience with anecdotes about life as the only male in a family of seven women.
Lisa and I were treated to an audience with Lorraine's parents, who regaled us with anecdotes about cheating men and the failure of long distance relationships.
Jack has been acquitted of manslaughter and delightedly regales his girlfriend Maggie and their neighbours Lynne and Dennis with a disparaging account of the trial.
In the pre-meal drinks session, I regaled them all with a tale of being sent to London in company time to get my first passport in order to fly to Holland the next day and meet a client.
Just back from a whirlwind round of parties in Europe, the forever-young and energetic Joanne Davis is regaling friends with tales of the high life including partying at Blenheim Palace.