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refuse / мусор, отходы, отбросы
имя существительное
litter, rubbish, garbage, trash, refuse, sweepings
waste, waste products, refuse, tailings, tails, cheeseparings
garbage, waste, scum, dregs, refuse, offal
refuse, deny, give up, waive, reject, disclaim
refuse, deny, reject, decline, fail, turn down
reject, deny, refuse, repudiate, discard, override
имя прилагательное
waste, unfit, unqualified, rotten, dud, refuse
refutable, refuse
ничего не стоящий
worthless, valueless, costless, refuse
имя существительное
matter thrown away or rejected as worthless; trash.
heaps of refuse
indicate or show that one is not willing to do something.
I refused to answer
refuse collection
I would ask the council to immediately reinstate weekly refuse collections of non-recyclable rubbish and to provide recycling boxes that are designed to avoid the present problems.
he's so conceited he'd never believe anyone would refuse him
heaps of refuse
The increased refuse disposal charges are leading to a growth in indiscriminate and illegal dumping, writes Denis J. Croke.
We were told only garden and household refuse could be left free of charge.
The skip containers will be used mainly for garden refuse and rubbish which does not generally fit in the normal green drums.
Household waste presented for collection in refuse sacks or cardboard boxes will not be collected by Council staff.
He said at present three companies collect refuse in the area.
The clearest indication of the council's failure to understand what is happening can be found in their claims regarding reduction in the amount of domestic refuse going to landfill.